Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Danger Alert the remnants of NYC OTB have spread and to come back,

  Teamsters Local 858 represented NYC OTB Managers and Nassau OTB employees.
NYC OTB employees lost their jobs (except for Barrry Yomtov) when NYC OTB went bankrupt.
Teamsters Local 858 lost its compelled cash stream when NYC OTB went bankrupt.
Teamsters Local 858 merged with Local 707 to supply Local 707 with a cash infusion. Local 707's pension plan is on the US Dep't of Labor Critical list.
Barry Yomtov was given a position as Local 707 Business Agent.
Nassau OTB cashier Gloria Moran did obtain enough valid signatures to go to PERB to decertify the Union and replace it with something else.
Gloria Moran did meet with Teamsters Local 707 President Kevin McCaffrey AKA Deputy Village Mayor of Lindenhurst and negotiate a secret agreement in return for not using the signatures obtained to rid Nassau OTB employees of a union menace or......

There is little to no disclosure of what goes on with the Nassau OTB Union Teamsters Local 707 which takes money of working people in return for telling them that their employer is on the road to hell just like NYC OTB and Suffolk OTB.

Beware Teamsters Local 707. Worse than communists?

Barry Yomtov

Business Agent at Teamsters Local 707
Greater New York City Area
Gambling & Casinos
  • Business Agent at Teamsters Local 707
  • President at Teamsters Local 858
  • Branch Manager at New York Off Track Betting
  • City College of New York
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December 2011Present (6 months) 14 Front Street Hempstead, NY 11550
Labor management relations.
December 2009December 2011 (2 years 1 month)
Principal Officer, Labor negotiations,
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