Friday, September 23, 2011

We don't care if Andrew Cuomo goes to church and he should care that

we can bet at any OTB on any day of the year that we chose eg Palm Sunday, any Easter Sunday etc
Perhaps New York Bettors should get the calendar of Dino Amoroso past President of Nassau OTB, if it exists?

Cuomo Gives Public a Peek at His Doings

Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Thursday offered a more revealing but still limited peek at how he's been spending his time in office, posting online his daily schedule of official events since January.
The administration said it was now disclosing "all official events" held by the governor, including meetings with staff, legislative leaders and lobbyists. The online calendar also contained his fund-raisers, as well as executive and legislative use of state aircraft.
The governor's new website, dubbed Citizen Connects, shows that Mr. Cuomo dined with New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie at the Beacon Restaurant in Midtown about a week before the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey proposed steep toll hikes. (The governors denied having a hand in the toll hikes and criticized the Port Authority for recommending such a large increase.)
The records also name all of the Republican senators that Mr. Cuomo met with in his office in Albany in the weeks leading up to the passage of a same-sex marriage bill, including lawmakers who voted against the measure.
Mr. Cuomo also had lunch with former President Bill Clinton in Harlem in July.
The administration said it did not include "unofficial and personal events as well as information that might tend to compromise security."
The governor's office has been resistant at times to reporter inquires about the inner workings of the administration and agencies.
The Buffalo News last month, for instance, published an editorial titled "Not Transparent Enough" that took the Cuomo administration to task for concealing details about agency budget cuts.
Initially, the administration also balked when reporters from the Albany Times Union and the Associated Press asked for records of its use of state aircraft. The governor's office first refused to disclose important details, such as passenger names and pickup and arrival locations, but later turned over the information to the reporters.
The New York Times reported that it had requested copies of the governor's schedules in April and was still waiting for the documents.
The freedom of information law stipulates a much faster turnaround, but it permits more leeway for requests that are seen as more complex and expansive.
Mr. Cuomo is the first governor in New York to post online such a detailed calendar of past meetings and events, according to his office. His predecessors made public copies of their internal schedules, but only in response to Freedom of Information requests.
A redacted schedule released by the Spitzer administration in 2007 disclosed types of activities not found in Mr. Cuomo's calendar, such as his routine of early-morning jogs and breakfast meetings with various friends and donors.
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